"What Am I doing in Tumblr?"

(…I ask myself yet again)

kohenari said: While I agree that the blockade is ridiculous and terrible, why do you think that opening up all the crossings would result in less terrorism rather than more, given Hamas' control of Gaza and its militant wing's stated purpose of liberating all of Palestine?


First, I do not in any way think Hamas presents an existential threat to the State of Israel. The power gap is too large. Not US v al Qaeda large, but still enormous. (Note: some of this is borrowed from a long discussion I’ve been having on Facebook.)

Second, like it or not, the people of Gaza think of Hamas as the legitimate government for their territory. Hamas, after all, is more than a military organization: it’s social support, schools, hospitals … a full service government in the place of a state (money provided courtesy of Iran and Qatar, of course). Gazans know this: they see no other prospects — it’s Hamas, starvation, or Israeli bombs. They choose what most would choose in such a circumstance. As history also shows. If you change that sense of legitimacy, however, then there is a prospect for change. Until then, all bombing does is solidify support. (WWII research for example shows that the British, the Russians AND the Germans all supported the war as the bombing got worse.)

You cannot win this war against a government that is perceived as legitimate by its people short of something close to genocide, which of course none but the most extreme of anyone anywhere wants. You certainly cannot win it with heavy weapons, which only reinforce support for the regime.

Thus, third, just in Gaza I’d throw the border open and invite every Palestinian who wants a job to come work (like before the first intifada). That alone would strip Hamas of much of its power since it uses its Iranian and Qatari money to provide food and education and shelter and healthcare to the Gaza population that otherwise faces 60%+ unemployment. I’d open the never-allowed open Gaza airport and port. I’d invite Arab forces in from Egypt and Jordan to play police roles. I’d go after the politics on which Hamas rests not the military annoyance that are its horrible but virtually ineffective rocket attacks.

That seems to me the beginning of a plan that might dent an otherwise perfect death spiral.

Are there risks with such a strategy? Sure. How’s the old one working? Is Hamas (or Hezbollah in southern Lebanon) stronger or weaker due to Israeli policy over the last 20+ years?

It’s time for something else.

This… seems logical. Or at least I think it does to my middle-eastern-politics-blind self.

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Think affirmative thoughts.

Y’know this list would be just so funny if only I didn’t take it so seriously x’DD “Here’s 29 Insensitive And Rude Questions People Have Actually Been Asked http://t.co/dhmxmk9x1k http://t.co/fvinhKCqeM

…oh and I took it seriously by the way, the list, and now I hate it :(

Cosmo Sex Tip #569


If using the pull out technique, wrap your legs around his waist when he is about to climax and whisper sensually into his ear “May the odds be ever in your favor”

Perhaps this is too inconsiderate a quip from me. But this reminds me of a dear friend of mine whom we like to refer to as, “The Fett”.

Anyways. Moving along.

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Berdamai dengan Fasis

"Bukannya kalau mau berdamai, yang salah harus dihukum dulu ya?" | Sitok.

Ayo, yang mana yang lebih penting dulu? Koalisi menuju kursi presiden, atau menghukum pemerkosa? Ataupun menghukum para pelanggar HAM di dalam koalisi?

Hypocrites? Fuck you.

Sudahlah. Sesama fasis dilarang saling mem-fasis-i.

Jangan lawan benci dengan benci. Lawan benci dengan cinta.

Aahsekk B-)

Failed at being human, we all have? Perhaps.

But on the other hand what gives you the authority to define what it means to be human, for other humans?

/defensive lashback

It’s not that we should avoid all extremisms of views, or be so open-minded that we accept every single statement as true, no.

The ability to discourse with any person in the World, no matter how heated the topic, and carry the discussion in a mutually productive way. That, that is what we should all seek.

Or at least that’s what I’d personally like to be able to do. Consistently….

Today I got reminded about how—despite living my whole life in Indonesia—I am still oh so painfully obviously a non-Muslim.

And it’s a good reminder, too. Not that I despise being ‘an Other’, nor do I now wish to ‘sublimate’ myself into a ‘second-class citizen’ role. It reminds me to be more humble. It reminds me that even things that you have assumed to be true all your life can be oh so wrong at just the most awkward, awkward moment.

SO anyways yeah, Ladies & Gentlemen, Surah Al-Yasin is not ‘feared’ because it is read during funerals, no. Surah Al-Yasin is ‘feared’ because it has 86 verses. (And as a Muslim kid you’re supposed to have memorized it.) (I think.) And also, Surah Al-Iklas is the shortest book. (But I don’t know how many verses it has.)

And there it is. You learn something new every day. (And apologies all around wherever appropriate.)

Tech doesn’t excite me anymore. The Internet. The Social Web.

And considering what I currently do for a living, that is not a very good thing.


But yeah after all things considered, I do not think that one can be reasonably unexcited by Internet tech. Despite all the nay-saying bah-humbugism, the Internet remains an amazing communications and information-transfer system. And it’s only getting better despite greed and fear getting the way.