This image is so totally unfair.
…and yet yes, it is UNDENIABLY funny as fuck LOL x”))
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This image is so totally unfair.

…and yet yes, it is UNDENIABLY funny as fuck LOL x”))

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"HALF?!?" - Eddie Murphy uncensored — Now who says Eddie Murphy can’t be all like George Carlin? Lol x”))

From BrainPickings, a collection of Oscar Wilde quips & sayings:

Delicious & scandalous, at times thoughtfully adventurous even… but ultimately, deliriously, lost… :”))

An example:

“Public opinion exists only where there are no ideas.”

Yes it is Brave & Defiant to utter such an obvious observation. Very romantic. Die a forsaken & mistakenly disgraced poet-author if you will, if you should so choose. Me, I prefer another fate….

Even more psychotic/mental than the classic FPS, “Postal”….


Drone Racing Star Wars Style

It was bound to happen …

The video below has French commentary but you will get a clear idea of what is going on:


So, we won’t go to hell if we say “fuck you” to politics?

In which the statement,

"Dante once said that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in periods of moral crisis maintain their neutrality"

…was disproven by The Internets (with help from the Kennedy Presidential Museum).

My response:

The merit of this statement should not be judged upon whether or not Dante had indeed said it, but rather it should be measured by whether or not the statement can be credibly disproven.

To which I say, political apathy *does not* guarantee that The State Apparatus will not fuck you over. 

(Yes, that just now was a null-hypothesis. Feel free to disprove.)

On foreigners stealing your jobs…. [via G+]

On foreigners stealing your jobs…. [via G+]

How does #Regram work?

I mean I understand on an intellectual level that it’s a hack to overcome the technical boundaries where you’re not supposed to be able to repost anything posted on Instagram unless you go through a bunch of technically difficult hoops such as getting the Web-visible link to the Instagram post you want to repost, opening that link on a mobile or desktop browser, and then saving said Instagram image, then posting said image through your own Instagram account etc.,etc., but like, others would have to learn how to regramm as well and since it’s not an an-sich element of the Instagram “experience” it’s not likely to happen among the less-technically inclined crowd that makes up most of the viral Instagram community now does it..?



Update: Bonus link: "How to Repost on Instagram" [from PopSugar]

Seriously. Bullies can go fuck themselves.

A yearning to connect….

(…that I’m trying to quash?)



/ponders deleting Path from my phone